Nine Weeks to Go

I'm never one to begin the countdown, and I am hoping that the title of this post doesn't feel like I have started the clock. I bring up the 45 day mark only because there is so much that I would still like to do before June 1. There are a few students that I need to talk with about how much I believe in them, and how I am expecting big things out of them in high school. There are a ton of teachers to praise for all the little things that they do each day. There are events to soak in where we honor our students for their academic dedication, and most importantly, there are chances to play in the hall, on the field, and in classrooms which allows me to bring my energy to the building and put me in the flow.

Nine weeks to go also means that I can start focusing on some of my favorite things outside of school. The Spring Classics in cycling, and the quest for the league title for Arsenal as well as the conclusion to the Champions League. March Madness is almost over, and baseball season is just warming up, so there is this sliver of time to soak in my European sports fixes.