Life as An Event Manager

I haven't been behind the blogging desk for a while as the volume of two jobs has kept me from doing much reflecting. This time of the year I feel like an event manager. I bounce from planning one activity to the next. It is talking to people about set-ups, making programs, checking on busses, and making sure that all of the little things are right. It is an important part of the job. After many years, it is the easy part of the job, but it takes time, lots of time which leaves little time for vision, learning, and keeping my Google reader at zero. I try to live day-to-day in late April and May, but keep perspective that June allows for some breathing room. I long for more time to write, reflect, and grow, but none of this will top the beauty of seeing a kid win an event for the first time in their life at the middle school track meet. Off to the next event.