The Disgusting Nature of the School Cafeteria- Part 2

Cheese...I really like cheese, but the use and volume of the cheese consumed in our cafeteria is disgusting. Each day, we have two large bags of cheese (see picture), heated and hanging ready for student use. The uses for the cheese are amazing, and I will detail the uses in a moment, but I first have to explain how the cheese is justified. We offer nachos and pretzels with cheese for students each day which is why we have daily cheese. Some days we have nachos with bag cheese as well as nachos with meat and cheese on the main line. It is all nachos, all the time. This situation isn't good, but it certainly isn't the worst of it. The biggest problem with the daily bag of cheese is the use of the cheese as a dipping sauce for flaming hot cheetos. The students buy cheese and a bag of chips, and they use the chips as a cheese delivery system. Students have also been known to put nacho cheese on pizza, dip grilled cheese into cheese, and even just eat the cheese with their finger or a spoon. If I were the cafeteria king for a day, we would start with the elimination of the bag of cheese. It could make a big difference with little impact to the bottom line.