Taking My Own Advice

In my cleaning process, I have come across the little notes that I have attached to my computer for everyday consumption. It is amazing that these little notes have been sitting in front of me each day, and I, at times, allowed them to blend into the background. For multiple years now, there have been four notes taped to my computer, part motivation, part focus, and part philosophy.

Note 1 says Patience, Listen, Your Priority is My First Priority, Every Detail, Every Day- Honesty.

This one came from reflection about my performance as an assistant principal at Nipher. My first principal at Nipher, Dr. Carol Migneron, was really good at pushing me to be more, and those four statements have helped me grow into a more teacher-centered leader.

Note 2 says Find Truth, Find Happiness, Each Day.

Our eighth graders wrote their six-word memoirs this year, and I participated in the process. Those six words speak to my desire to experience life to its fullest and my commitment to being a life-long learner.

Note 3 says Knowing the Right Answer Doesn't Mean That We Get It.

For a long time, it has been easy for me to find answers, formulate solutions, or build a personal opinion on a topic, but only recently have I embedded the fact that having this ability doesn't solve the problem as the human side of solutions is the most difficult part as it requires relationships, empathy, patience, and leading with the heart.

Note 4 says To Truly Love Somebody is to Help Make Them Great.

My calling is life is to help people grow, and to do my part to make them great. It has been great to dig deep into my reserves at times to truly love those around me.