The Digusting Nature of the School Cafeteria- Part 3

This three part series is being wrapped up with a conversation about the Sara Lee Double Chocolate Muffin. This beast of a treat packs a punch, and it is the delight of way too many students on a daily basis.

As you can see, it does the quad attack of sugar, sodium, fat, and calories.I have always felt that as soon as we package our desserts or buy them from outside our cafeteria, we are losing all control of fighting the influence of heavy sugar on the brains of our learners after lunch. I started to wonder about how this snack, treat, add-on to lunch compares with having a Big Mac. The side by side comparison is too close to not be upset that we are serving this in the cafeteria.

Removing one snack or item from the cafeteria will make a difference, but systemic change requires both removing and adding to the cafeteria. The additions that must be made are a change in the habits of our students who have breakfast and lunch at school. Reshaping habits means first giving students a clear and compelling reason to make the shift, then providing an alternative that can satisfy their hunger. Our responsibility as a school is huge in this area, and we have for too long chosen to play victim instead of focused customer with choices in the marketplace. The students deserve us to act like an empowered entity that has their best interest at heart, not unlike our efforts in the academic program.