Back on a Cart

My first year teaching, I was a mobile teacher, working in three different classrooms including a science lab to teach sophomore English. It worked for me. It saved me from having to decorate a classroom. It made me feel like one of the students walking around between classes, but it led me to be horribly ineffective as I look back as there were so many things that I should have been doing for my students.

This week as I finish my career as the assistant principal at Nipher Middle School, I have experienced some deja vu. I have been removed from my office. I have been removed from the building. All I have is my laptop, my bag, and me. Apparently, they are assigning me to special projects throughout the month of June. This is how my six years of service is coming to a close. No parties. No lunches. No thank you moments. Certainly, I have had good moments with some colleagues over the last month, but this is a really hard emotional finish. After 15 years, I'm back on the cart, and the veil of ignorance has been pulled back, and I realize that neither of these experiences are/were good for anyone.