Getting Back in Gear

So I have created my fall running schedule. This always feels good. It is a new set of goals and a new reason to run. I will be headed to Columbia for the half marathon in October as it links with the fall principals' conference, and then I am hoping to take a couple of the MRH principals to Tulsa to run the marathon in November. Having the schedule set also brings some routine to my exercise schedule, and it restarts my good habits. The summer is a tough time for me. I should be in peak shape, but it seems that my time biking doesn't hold my weight down like running, and the biking actually runs my eating through the roof. As for the principal side of things, I have a lot of work to do. There is an opening retreat to finish planning, an opening parent event to stress over the details about, and there is so many old documents to review in my office. For today though, I get the opportunity to interview some assistant principal candidates for the high school. In a place that has very few people, each selection is so important. I also just finished the Donald Miller book, "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years". What a great read about making a quality story of your life.