Five for Friday- Links and Ideas

I thought that I should share to a larger audience. This is the Friday e-mail that I am sending to my staff, but I'm going to cross list it on my blog for those that I am learning with outside the walls of MRHMS.

Here are the best links for ideas that you can use on Monday. I use my Google reader to follow some of these sites as it provides a steady diet of awesome information.
This site has great best of... lists.
I have no idea how he pumps out so much good stuff.
If you are looking for ways to leverage Google into learning. Here you go.

This is a great Ning site that connects to you to some of the best people doing your job.
Use this link, along with your twitter account, to access the very latest thinking and resources about education.


This is a huge resource for Google. I'm blown away about where to start.