Making the List

I love the fact that I can't stand to-do lists, but I am often haunted by not making that same list. I love the fact that I have never wanted to be on a list at a club, just not my style. I love the fact that my school is on top of a few lists for top achievement in the Saint Louis area. I love the fact that it is hard to place me on a list for music-type or vacation-type. I love the fact that my bucket list includes incredible travel experiences both state-side and abroad. I love the fact that my daughters list me as one of their favorite people, and finally, I love the fact that my blog entry from a few weeks ago landed me on the list of some of the best bloggers in education.

Scott McLeod over at Dangerously Irrelevant put out the challenge to educational leaders from throughout the country to post their thoughts on Leadership Day 2010. This was his third year of gathering the posts of educational thinkers, and it continues to grow in volume and quality. For those on twitter, check out hashtag #leadershipday10 for details. Many of you have probably read my post, "Hitting the Target, Missing the Point", and some of you may have copied the title for your blog, but the other entries on the link are an incredible infusion of ideas and energy. Take your time. Enjoy the list. Let it lead your forward.