I have three opening moments this week. The first to parents on Monday. The second to teachers on Wednesday, and the final one is to students the following Monday. The old adage about making a good first impression is weighing on me a bit. I have prepared for all three things in advance, no doing it on the fly, but executing things in a way that demonstrates excellence is always a tricky thing. In the past, I would get really, really frustrated when part of the plan wouldn't work. I figured that is the reason that I planned in the first place.

Instead, this week, I am focused on being myself, allowing my personality and passion for kids and learning to come forward, and not overdoing it. I'm going to make sure that the spotlight is broad instead of narrowly focused on me, and allow the little things to roll to an extent. I really want to leave this week with a sense of urgency for all of my audiences, an urgency that we are in a perfect position to take another huge leap forward.

Finally, I found this video that a teacher is using to introduction his class in a few days. Wouldn't you want to be in this class? Let's frame the passion of our subject on day one. Let's let kids know that we care about them on day one. I watched The Blind Side this weekend, and it reminded me of how one person, who is willing to take a risk, can truly impact the life of a teenager. Find your mission. Find your calling. What is the name of the kid whose life you are going to change this year?