Quiet Preparation

One of the benefits of my new position is that I live 1.22 miles from my office. This is great for number of reasons with the number one reason being that I can walk to work. 4 out of 5 days this week, I made the morning journey, and it has been incredible. There is a sense of peace in the neighborhood in the morning. Sure there are a few people walking their dogs or out for a morning walk or jog, but for everyone, the morning business isn't stressful, but energy building. I have noticed that this time serves as quiet preparation for me. It is setting the table for the trials of the day.

I know that once the students arrive on August 16. The tempo picks up. The pace quickens, but I hope that the beauty of the morning will not become lost to the To Do List. So many of you that read this are educators, and I encourage you to find a new routine in the morning this year that allows for a bit more peace in the morning, a bit of centering to allow purpose and passion to bubble to the surface.

May your preparation be fruitful, our mission returns in force very soon.