Five for Friday- Links and Ideas

The Responsibility of an Open School

This is a great innovated blog, and this article really applies to our philosophy here.

Great Video about Change in Schools

Could create some opportunities for classroom discussions.

Learning New Technology with Your Students.

What a great way to share and learn from other classrooms...I would encourage you to try to set up Skype opportunities with other classrooms and experts that can share with your kids.

I've completely embraced the power of TED talks, and now there is one for kids. It would be great to have kids watch this and work toward our own TEDxMRH

Looking for ways to WOW with your agenda. All of these Web 2.0 allow you the option to embed features into D2L

We talk a lot about technology integration, but how is it quantified? How do we really know if we are on the cutting edge of technology as transformative tool. This website and matrix goes a long way to answering those questions.