Five for Friday- Links and Ideas

I know that it is Thursday, but it feels good to actually be ahead of schedule a bit for once. Thanks to all of the wonderful folks at the Missouri Association of Secondary School Principals for having me as a presenter on Monday. This blog is an extensive of my effort to put awesome resources in people's hand within the context of the learning that we are doing, sort of a wheat versus chaff effort on my part. Have a great weekend. Go Tigers MIZ...

Seth Godin is a great outside the box thinker, and this link is a ton of fun to watch. It got me thinking though. What is broken around here? What systems, signs, ways of doing things are broken? I'm ready to fix them before they become ingrained in my way of doing things. Please send your ideas or thoughts about things to fix at MRH after watching the video.

There was a new TED conference recently that featured only student speakers. I love this idea, and it would be great to share the stories of some of these wonderful kids with our students. They are truly inspiring, and it is hard to think that these efforts wouldn't inspire our kids.

I have always thought that it was difficult to wedge math into our expeditions and interdisciplinary units, but the folks at Plus magazine may have some resources that allow for some windows into our world via MATH.

Though we talked about 21st century skills in TLC, (maybe we should be talking about 22nd century skills and be 90 years ahead as opposed to 21st century skills and by 10 years behind), we didn't really touch on the skills that middle school, high school and college professors need to include. Our friends at Wired Magazine do an excellent job with this article.

This is an incredible visual resource for social studies classes. How incredible to watch the maps shift based on variables like energy resources, religion, and food supplies.

I think this is a great resource. This is volume two of Project PLN.