Five for Friday- Links and Ideas

If you don't follow this blog through your RSS, now is the time to do so as he is rolling out the best websites of the year in tons of areas and subjects..

This is a great example of transformational use of technology. I loved the headline also. We should all be asking ourselves this question.

You can now search YouTube by year. This seems like a really engaging way to learn from video, comparing two years in cartoon, political ads, game shows, etc.

I had read the post about the theory of n+1 (meaning that we always have room for one more thing), but I was struck by the power of n-1. Could we all eliminate something that we do for kids without changing the system or the outcomes that we get for kids. If so, should we make some space for ourselves.

This is an incredible list of free courses and youtube channels that you can use to enhance and stretch your students.

This is an incredible set of resources to allow you to stretch your technology use to a global scale. See if you can get a class or your advisory trying some of these global things.

What is good instruction? I think that this blog post echoes my feelings about what I'm looking for in the area of good instruction.