Five for Thanskgiving

Over the past few weeks, I have still been publishing these list to my staff, but I forgot to slide them in the blog. Sorry to those following for leaving you out.

These videos are great for opening our viewpoints to a global lens. I really enjoyed the quality of the work here. The videos are more great examples of digital storytelling.

Someone recently was talking about how to get more from students while they are at home, and I think that there is some hope from this blended learning strategy that engages students with thoughtful questions for commenting and discussion at home

Many of us are putting our toes in the Twitter water in an effort to grow and learn from educators around the country. This is a great set of resources for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users.

More great videos to support and enhance learning can be found here.

This daily post about education from the Washington Post is growing among my favorite. It has a number of voices, and it hits on issues that really matter. I think that there is a lot to the idea that best practices for gifted learners are the best practices for all learners.