Five for Friday- Links and Ideas

It is adventure race weekend, but I didn't want to break tradition.

In an effort to make your journey into Google reader a bit easier, I found this great bundle of resources that houses 75 subscriptions for education.

Great article find by TKA. We have to make sure that we are just moving the deck chairs around on the Titantic, but instead building a speed boat to move closer to our destination and as far away from the sinking ship as possible.

These next few weeks lend themselves to the need have greater classroom structures to maximize learning. Cooperative learning structures are an excellent way to achieve this. There are number of great resources and ideas lower in this post. --

As we start to think about students using twitter as a learning experience, here is a really good rubric to judge learning through twitter.

As we continue to uncover the mission and vision of our stewardship program, it seems like this focus on the five global giants may hold some promise.