Meeting Basic Needs

Every once in a while, I have an experience in my work that is both insanely frustrating and moments later completely fulfilling. Last night during the band and choir concert, I realized that the front stairs were beginning to ice over. The concert was less than five minutes from its finale, and the custodians didn't know where to find the salt for the front stairs. By a crazy set of prior circumstances, I knew where the ice melt was, rushed to the get two five pound bags, and started feverishly applying it to the stairs. We were able to get everyone out safely.

The purpose of mentioning this story goes beyond the success of the evening. When moments like these happen, I really enjoy my job. There is something really fulfilling about providing the basic needs for kids. I get the same feeling when I drive a student home when it is cold or provide lunch for a student that is hungry. Most of my day consists of planning for the future, thinking big, talking to teachers, and enjoying the company of the students in the building. These are all parts of the reason why I love my job, but there is something special about doing the little things for people.

It is probably the same feeling that nurses, firemen, and other first responders feel each day. I'm glad to be in a position that allows for these opportunities. I believe that too often we forget about the little things that our students and our teachers need. Hopefully, we can all find a few more ways to give in this way in the coming weeks and months.