Stepping Off the Accelerator

Life as a first year principal has been wonderful, challenging, and filled with smiles, but as the Christmas holiday approaches, I find myself taking my foot off of the accelerator. The desk is clearing. The long-term list is shrinking and being converted to the 2011 list, but the oddest thing is that slow doesn't feel comfortable. I am experiencing the annual physical aches and pains that come from slowing down. This probably means that my life is too fast. It is consumed with direct messages, 140 word statements, e-mails, and voicemail. My thoughts lack clarity in these moments. I fall out of the flow. Life isn't the same at this pace. It isn't as much fun, but I know that it is needed. I need to rebalance, recharge, find zen. I want to find a good book, workout daily, have mornings without kid noise, and try to travel in a daily way that appreciates all that is around me.

Does anyone else experience this malaise of actually having a break in the pace, speed, and momentum of life? I can't be the only one, but it does feel lonely.

How do other people handle this slow down? Is it possible to go cold turkey on work especially when you love your work, you are passionate about your work, and when your work is your calling?

I'm trying my best to ease my way into Friday. Let the final day of school be a part of the transition, so my family doesn't experience these moments of downshifting as the break begins. Wish my luck. This is harder than it seems.