Five for Friday- Links and Ideas

I have been a big fan of this book Drive for a while now, and I feel like we should bring some of these ideas to the table for our review of PBIS philosophy and procedures in the summer. Check out this article as a good entry into the book.

I read this tweet, and I'm going to try to do this throughout the spring. I hope you look for ways to avoid burnout during the spring.

Steve Guditus (@sguditus)
1/8/11 10:22 AM
Write one paragraph a day on 'Why I Love Teaching' to avoid burnout #rscon11 @johntspencer

There was a great chart with alternative homework ideas at the bottom of this link.

If you ever thought about starting a blog, this may be the right time as this link can support you through your first thirty days.

I wonder if we are doing enough to build student capacity in these areas.