Five for Friday- Links and Resources

After six months of observing our 1:1 environment, I can say that we clearly do a good job of making our computers very essential elements of learning, but it takes a whole different set of skills to avoid the distraction part.

This is a nice resource for ice breakers, a little late for our semester change, but a nice resource either way.

These two posts by an elementary principal in Canada continue my thinking about the right ways to build motivation in kids and how the current systems of assessment, grading, and awards supports our desired effect.

This article talks about "mission integration" projects at their school. This is exactly what I want to explore through our look at thread things together, expedition themes, and the curriculum table.

It is easy to forget how far we have come, but this article about Joe's Place was a reminder of how far MRH has come.

Finally, Is there anyone out there looking for fresh way to get feedback about their teaching. Read this about students and teachers talking about a video taped lesson. I would love to try this somewhere if anyone is interested.