Restarting Momentum

This was my opening message to my staff for second semester. I'm so fired up. We are poised for great things.

As I ran this morning, my shoe came untied at the bottom of the hill. I stopped, bent down, tied my shoes, and looked up. Great, I'm at the bottom of the big hill with no momentum, so what did I do, the only thing that we can do, start again. It took a while to get back to my normal tempo, and for my breathing to come back to normal, but I did what I do best, place one foot in front of the other and get going, however painful the initial few steps are.

Tomorrow morning or the next few minutes for many of us will probably feel this way. I know that I am totally fired up today about starting the second semester tomorrow, but the morning will feel like being at the bottom of the hill with no momentum.

Let's stick to our strengths....building caring relationships with our kids, showing our passion for learning through inquiry, expedition, and technology, and remaining dedicated to teaching and reteaching.

I have believed from day one that having great people and great practices will take care of great results. We had great results first semester, and there is no reason to think that so much more isn't ahead for this crew.