Five for Friday- Links and Resources

While listening to a podcast on the way to Florida, I stumbled on this phrase that really pushed my thinking about taking risks for kids when we know that we can't totally invest in all 150 kids as deeply as we would like.

"Do for one which you wish you could do for everyone."

Seems like a great place to turn for increasing the blended learning model in our classrooms.

Academic Earth is extensive video library that lets students (and adults) take video courses from the worlds top scholars all in one placeā€¦for free! The mission of Academic Earth is to give everyone access to a world class education. Subjects covered by Academic Earth include art, architecture, astronomy, biology, business, chemistry, computer science, economics, education, electrical engineering, engineering, entrepreneurship, environmental studies, history, international relations, law, literature, mathematics, media studies, medicine and health care, philosophy, physics, political science, psychology, religious studies, test prep, and writing.

Need to learn some technology, looking for new ways to integrate. How about this great site?

Incredible TED talk about the digital world that our kids live in, and how it needs to impact education now.

Another great educational TED talk entitled teaching Jetson Children in Flintstone Schools.

This site is in beta stage, but it is a search engine for how-to education videos. It seems like a tremendous resource for our blended learning environment.