Five for Friday- Links and Resources

Are you a 21st Century Teacher? Are you going your students a chance in this changing learning environment?

Looking for ways as a team to expand your portfolio of learning expeditions? Try sending your students on a virtual expedition. They can do it on their time, and our guiding hands can make this an incredible learning experience.

By placing the right stakes on testing, trusting our system, and having the best people in place to build relationships, make nimble instructional decisions, and carry the passion of the art of teaching into the classroom, we can avoid many of the effects of Campbell's Law. Great video explaining Campbell's Law included.

If you are looking for some of the little things to bring into your classroom to teach, here are some of the big things that we miss.

As we inch closer to the start of our home visits with seventh grade families, I wanted to share this video clip with you about the power that a few words can have on a family. The time that we spend in homes with our parents is a precision resource. Be prepared to use it wisely.