The Pictures Change

The good folks over at have started a contest of posting old starting eleven photos from random games throughout the last decade or so. It is super to see some forgotten faces of the past including Saint Louis native and former opponent of mine, Steve Ralston. The pictures have me thinking about each year that I have been a building administrator. There has never been a year when the "starting eleven" for me remained the same. Retirement, babies, moving, etc. have all changed the complexion of the of the staff. The thing that remains though is the hard work that each group put into the system. There work, even if for a year, was not in vain. It added value to the system.

As a leader, I want to continue to maintain a system that is so strong that the annual changes in the pictures aren't a blow to the work of the past, while being nimble enough to change to meet the current needs. The USMNT team has done this over the years moving from a team that could barely hope for a few counterattacks a game against the best teams in the world to believing that they have a real chance to win no matter who they are playing. They have shifted formations when necessary, but the hard work of those before isn't forgotten. In the fall, don't forget to let the new "starting eleven" see the pictures of the past. It will only make the system stronger.