Five for Friday is Back

I hope everyone has launched into a great school year. The MRHMS staff is doing incredible stuff around teaching expectations and preparing students for extensive use of cooperative learning through the year. Enjoy the links.

Don't forget that you can make each of your kids matter...

If you are looking for team or class ideas that extend off of our two-hour movie project, here is one that students could do in the neighborhood or over the course of the a semester.

Looking for ways to have an easy student response clickers needed. Try this.

The annual PDK survey about schools is out. They do a great job looking at schools from a variety of angle, good make for a great conversation starter for students too.

Nick Sauers does a great job with his blog on 1:1 schools. This post contains some ideas for teaching students a variety of ways for their voice to be heard in the classroom and beyond.