9/11- Finding Heart in Tragedy

I've spent a lot of time avoiding the pain and tragedy of a number of events in my life including all of the 10 year anniversary productions on 9/11. I'm not sure why. The event changed a nation, and created a new playing field for my girls 3 and 6. I watched the unveiling of the flag on the field for the Rams game, and I was moved. I wanted football, and I got patriotism. I heard a great sermon this morning about how suffering ISN'T tied to sin, and that religion don't sit at the heart of evil (not what Hitchens would have us believe, wonder what he knows know). 9/11 for me is about the individual stories, and the folks at StoryCorps capture the pain of the event in this video. I'm still struggling with this event, and the emotion of the day, but the struggle makes me a better person, and hopefully, a person filled with more hope, more love, and a new commitment to teaching my middle schoolers about the value of taking time to understand why people believe what they do, and walking in other people's shoes.