Marathon Hangover

Not sure what to think about this morning. My body feels better than it has ever felt the day after a marathon, but I feel totally disjointed. Maybe it is having a day to recover (I stayed in Maryland last night), maybe it is not having the next thing to plan for, or maybe it is a chemical, electrolyte issue, but I'm definitely calling this a marathon hangover.

I'm just starting to process yesterday. I bonked and survived. I dreamed big and went for it. I was a part of the ninth largest marathon in the world. I was overwhelmed to the point of crying twice at the finish. I saw the best sunrise on the nation's capitol from Arlington Cemetery. I felt surrounding by great people and lonely at the same time. I wonder about my training, too long? just right? did it matter?

As I fly home and slide back into routine, I know that the weirdness of today will pass, but it leaves me wondering what exactly am I supposed to take away from these moments.

Some day I will be a 3:30 marathoner, but it won't be on a day with I try to be a 3:25 marathoner. Just fading toward normal....