Getting Drilled

I'd rather be in the wall on a set play 18 meters from goal and get drilled by the ball or get drilled by a 90 mph fastball off the batting helmet than get drilled at the dentist. I have a true wizard for a dentist. She is smart, gentle, thorough, and tells it like it is, but none of this matters when you lying in the chair for two hours. There is anxiety, pain, and need for lots of pain medication and nitrous oxide.

I always enjoy having the headphones on as they start to drowned up the drill, but today, they turned on James Ingram. I didn't realize that he had so many "hits". I listened to "Somewhere Out There" from An American Tale three times. I didn't think that my visit could get any worse.

Survival...In the end, I emerged from the chair, a bit poorer, a bit loopy, and certainly with some better teeth.