Reasons to Look Here

There are many reasons that I hope that people come to this blog, but the most important to me is that there is an opportunity to learn and think. I've been consulted lately that it is important that I talk about my thinking and leading out loud. Many times, we have thought about ideas, problems, and solutions in our own head to exhaustion, but we have never floated the ideas, etc. to our most valuable collective brain, our PLN. I have come to truly embrace the learning that comes from this group. I have also come to realize that not all school leaders are embracing either of these ideas. I hope that this blog can continue to lead in this area for those administrators in my area and state. Though I would be foolish to believe that my blog is making this big impact nationally, I do believe that it is helping many in a number of smaller pockets. For this reason, I want to float it out their for review for an edublog award for 2011. It is also wonderful to see how you stack against other school leaders, so I'll take this opening to do so.