Chunk of Resources and Ideas

Great video about our duty to cultivate curiosity and creative. 2012 and beyond are years when the best educators are taking control of their own continuous professional development. Here is a great list of free professional development opportunities.

Do we have a moral duty to the greater system of education? This is a question that I have been pondering lately. I believe that the answer is yes, and I have been looking for ways to connect each of you with others doing similar work, so that our capacity grows. Here are a list of great classrooms and their learning blogs. Challenge yourself to connect with someone new in 2012 for the purpose of learning.

Looking for meaningful ways to use advisory time? How about TED talks? There are hundreds of TED talks that can grow wonder and excitement about learning in kids. Start with these.

Are you thinking about reading a book that will energize and reshape your views as a teacher? May I suggest Brain Rules by John Medina. He common sense thinking helps us realize how we are doing school wrong in so many ways. Start here with a preview of Brain Rules.

The headline for this article was a turn off, 6 Quick Ways that Teacher Can Get Hip, but the meat of the article pointed to what high level technology integration looks like on a professional level. Do you have any of the six going for you?

Defining Success...I have been mentioning to some lately that we as an educational system often get caught in the trap of chasing the success definition that others have created for us, and only through each school defining their own definition of excellence can truly success become reality. Thinking of success led me to a great resource from Coach John Wooden. This resource is a great way to open a conversation about success with kids.

As we continue to wrap around to the importance of our home visit program, and how we can best pull it off in a way of excellence. I was drawn to this set of resources about the value of home visits. Please take a look.