Five for Friday- The Double Dose

It seems like this is an opening for our school continue the efforts to rebuild Joplin. How can we connect the power of our 1:1 programs. Ready. Fire. Aim. How can we connect with them?

As the work of our incentives group continues, this is a great article for review about what we know about what works in the area of rewards.

Great poem by William Stafford. What is your thread?

Everyone loves good weather, right Pepin?

Looking for the difference between good schools and effective schools. Read here.

We seem to be on a documentary role lately. Here is a site for a bunch of great ones.

I guess that we missed safer internet day, but if you are looking to doing a booster shot with your advisory about digital citizenship. These seem like good videos.

Here's ten sites to build charts or graphs.

These one minute physics videos are great. Great stuff for math, science, and systems thinking.

How can we support the learning of statistics in all content. Jobs with stats involved are growing by the day.