Five for Friday-Spring Break Edition

I had a chance to catch up on some reading including some great blog posts during the NASSP conference and spring break. Here is a review. 

TED-Ed is a game changer. Use these incredible video to build learning and understanding before, during, and after your class. 

After finishing Will Richardson's book Personal Learning Network, I decided to follow his blog. This post entitled Rebranding Teachers  provided a couple of great images about today's teaching environment. 

Preparing Students to Learn Without Us is another article from Will Richardson in a recent edition of Educational Leadership

Dr. Troy Roddy takes time to write a lot about education. I find his work insightful and helpful for growing. 8 Ways Schools Can Enhance a Culture of Innovation is of those interesting posts for teachers to think about the conditions need for innovation and excellence. 

Angela Maiers is an education thought leader. She has spent a lot of time working on a project that features the hashtag #youmatter. She continues to produces excellent blog posts like 12 Things Kids Want from Their Teachers

Staples had a fun speed reading activity this week. How fast can you read?

I had a chance to read Sir Ken Robinson speak at NASSP. His new book looks like excellent reading. 

If you read only one thing about education this quarter. Read Stop Stealing Dreams by Seth Godin. Incredible and so missional for us. 

I love my infographics, and this one continues to have me returning for me. It is a look at county by county on how much of the personal income comes from government assistance over multiple decades. 

The Met Life Survey of the American Teacher is an annual report that provides more questions than answer, but it completely worth the read. 

The TED 2012 conference just past, and Bryan Stevenson received a standing ovation which rarely happens at TED. His piece of social justice is incredible. 

As we try to shift student habits, we should love more about how habits work. Read The Power of Habits. 

I loved the images that went with this masterful blog post about gaining new perspective. 

Literacy is an issue for all of us in every subject. Here is a resource of 103 before, during, and after reading strategies. 

Here are the top ten ads from the recent TED conference awards for commercials. 

Digital Literacy and Citizenship Classroom Curriculum is a great set of resources that we can use to build the norms around our technology use for next school year. 

The TED prize for this year was around the concept of City 2.0, and how we can build the cities of the future that work on all levels. The site is a powerful one that is data-driven and very useable.