Things Principals Talk About

I'm at the National Association of Secondary School Principals conference in Tampa, and I have realized that there is a word cloud emerging. It features words like standards, testing, materials, resources, and motivation. An organization like NASSP should be pushing for more. The conference is lovely. The people are great, and the weather is amazing. Clearly though....if we are to lead the schools of the future, then let this conference drag us to the far edge of possibility, drop us off and let us perish if necessary. The top technology people are helping people blog, use Google reader, and social bookmark. Old news... Let's accept that the masses of principals missed the first boat, and we need an airplane to the front again. Maybe from the airplane we can see the future. The future doesn't have us playing by their rules and their definition of success. This conference needs to create radical leaders that transform their schools as examples of their community and their state.