The Counterculture of Education

Once you have realized that the mainstream of education is not for you, and that you want to build, promote, and enhance the world of education to a new place, a strange thing happens. You slip into the educational counterculture that is called "liberal", "progressive", or other less kind things. Once there, there are new rules of the counterculture, and it feels odd that we are breaking away from rules and standardization to embrace innovation and creativity, only to find a new set of rules. My wise friend, Elizabeth Potts Weinstein, provides some wisdom surrounding this phenomenon in her recent podcast. EPW is a blogger that encourages her listeners to Live Their Truth Daily. For me, listening to these blogs and reading new things are a part of my summer of lateral capacity building. My hope is that fresh ideas will infect my education lens for the new school year ahead. I hope that you take a moment to listen to this link.