Are You Ready to Push to the Education Hilt?

A lot of folks have talked about this incredible video over the last month, but I wanted to throw a different wrinkle into the equation. Being a school innovator takes courage, not just the type of courage that comes from being different from those around you, but the courage that comes from being willing to leave a comfortable place because you don't agree with the leadership even though it will hurt your family. I'm talking about the courage to tell the largest contributor to your school that her views aren't good for kids, and she should look at reshaping her views. I'm talking about the courage of standing tall in a room of "yes" people to say "no" because it is the right thing for kids, and if everyone was viewing it through a systems thinking lens they would agree. Educational courage is in limited supply. Most people that talk about innovation either have no skin in the game or they aren't in a position to truly do the hard work of implementation. This video shows a courage of words, but it has to be coupled with a courage of action, a courage of action that truly is as risky as placing a bet on the future of our schools and our kids.