Innovation Requires Design Thinking

I'm ready to do this whole thing differently. It is rare when a mid-career teacher, principal, parent, or anyone else really used these words with the genuine gusto to carry this desire to reality. It is hard to shed the baggage of the past, push aside your mental models, and embrace a new path. Systems grow roots. Change becomes really hard. The more that I read and experience the concept of design thinking and design thinking in education, the more that it seems like it is a way forward for people and schools that are beginning to grow roots. How can more schools create space for design thinking in their growth process? How can we allow the necessary adult failure inherent in design thinking to occur safely? How can we build a passion for new and better ways to serve our dynamic system? I'm thankful this break to give more thought to moving systems forward in a sustainable way that results in healthy kids, families, and communities.