The Story of the Common Core

We don't do standards or standardized tests very well. We've had a lot of practice. We've tried, but we just don't do them well. Should we keep trying? I sometimes think that it is the only thing that we know how to do. Have we entered a lost generation where everyone thinks that the options are just standards and standardized tests? This is what worries me about the Common Core. I sort of like the story that David Coleman tells about the Common Core, but I fear that the only lens and common language that we have is through standards and standardized tests. What if we viewed this as an opportunity to recapture the joys of learning that comes from experiencing learning, project-based learning, and connected learning. I want this type of learning to be the legacy that I helped to build in education.

Keynote Speech from David Coleman, Contributing Author of the Common Core Standards from NYC Public Schools on Vimeo.