Celebrating the Journey of Learning

How you get there matters. For too long, the conversation has been on the finish line in education. The finish line is a place that allows us to compare each other. The finish line is where everyone can celebrate together. The finish line is where they hand out the the medals.

After a while though, all the finish lines look the same. There are hundreds or thousands of people that haven't even allowed the sun to set on the day before they are thinking about what is next. The finish line becomes less and less fulfilling. For some, this is when the realization happens that in running and in schools and in life, the journey matters, and the true pleasure of things comes from HOW you made it to the end instead of the focus being just on the end.

As a runner this means, enjoying the beauty of your surroundings during those long runs, feeling stress fade and peace grow during a random Thursday morning run, and preparing for race day so that your nutrition and gear is just right. As a school, this means doing learning the right way by having kids experience learning, dive deeply into topics that they are passionate about, and work together with others so the beauty of diverse opinions blossoms.

For too long, schools, communities, businesses, and elected officials have been lured into staring at the shiny medals at the finish line when more focus needs to be HOW we educate our next leaders, scholars, and citizens.

The lure of the finish line is starting to fade for education also, and without the end, many will be lost, so encourage our friends to focus on the little things that happen each day that can truly make the journey one of energy and happiness for all learners. Only then will the right goals be celebrated at the finish line.

(These videos seem to do an excellent job of talking about the HOW of education. Enjoy.)