Peak Oil? Peak Education?

There is so much complexity to the ideas and concepts that we teach and explore in schools. It makes teaching easy and being a facilitator of learning really hard. The infographic below caught my attention the other day. It showcases the gap between the oil that we need to meet demand and the current diminishing oil returns that the planet is giving us. It shows that by 2030, we will have 43 million barrels per day available from our current sources with a demand of 108 million barrels a day with our current projections for consumption. The gap will need to be filled by oil that we have yet to find. It is amazing that in 18 years that we need to close this gap. The alternative is to move away from oil and find a more sustainable way to consume energy on the planet. I wonder if the people working on this project will continue to beat the drum of closing the gap or will they find a more innovative solution, a more sustainable solution. Seems like we have the same choice in education. Do we continue to beat the drum of closing the achievement gap with the same methods that have brought diminishing results or should we look for a fresh, sustainable, innovative way to more forward to serve the kids of the future?