So God Made A Farmer

I actually missed this commercial during the Super Bowl, but it worked it has way back into my queue a few days ago. I was struck by its powerful message, strong use of photos, and the voice of Paul Harvey. It brought something out of my Midwestern soul. It was a reminder about the essential nature of hard work. It was a reminder about the wisdom of our elders. It was a reminder that our success is always built on the hard work of others that have come before us. These are the types of stories that we need to be telling about our schools and our communities. We need to provide students the tools to tell these types of stories about their families, their successes, and their contributions to their community. Part of the success definition for our students must be their ability to see, craft, and execute story at its highest levels. Stories like the one in the commercial persuade, frame, embolden, and they are the path to growing consensus around the complex problems that face education and our society. My grandfather was a farmer, not be trait, but my hobby, and my experiences with him shaped my heart. I actually believe that God made us all farmers, cultivating the soil of our families, our friends, our community, and our world. Are you ready to see yourself as a farmer of those that you serve?