Waves of Learners

I am just starting to allow the Midwest Educational Technology Conference (#METC13) to soak into the system, but my first reaction that I have had about the experience is that the message about the importance of integrating technology at a very high level is soaking into the system. There were some incredible presentations over the last three days. My favorites talked about the teaching of writing, visual storytelling, and connecting our kids with authentic audiences. In addition, I was quite impressed by the risk-taking of many teachers to just get in front of folks and share. Is it possible that we are growing education into a safer space to share, collaborate and grow? I was also struck by the idea of waves of learners. Each year, I am reminded about ideas, resources, and more that I have completely soaked into my learning DNA that are brand new experiences for others. This statement doesn't come with judgment, but it comes with the reality that we need to keep talking about the most important stuff over and over. We need to have each wave of teacher learners hearing the best stuff. This means excellent adult learning opportunities that are differentiated for multiple years. There were a lot of eager, but basic learners, at the 30th annual METC conference, and there were experts in the field. This span of learners did share two things. Everyone wanted to learn, and everyone wanted to better provide for kids. As you continue to serve as learners and facilitators of learning for others, don't forget that fresh waves of educators are essential for the momentum of technology integration to continue.