Amplify Tablets- Is it time to change?

Putting the right devices in kids' hands is becoming a murky proposition. From BYOD to MacBooks to Chromebooks to these fancy Amplify tablet, there is a real concern about making the right decision. Often the decision to go BYOD isn't about the needs of kids but not having the courage to attach your train to a product. All of the devices can provide schools with 80% of the things that they need, and the other 20% are a true quandary  What do you want? What do you need? Will any of these devices disappear? The reality is that repair and technology support happens most efficiently when a school is in a single product line, but how does going to a single product impact the culture and legacy of the school or district. When fancy new products like this Amplify tablet comes to the market, it would be nice to erase and plant, but the reality of education isn't that easy. How are you dealing with these device dilemmas? Is there a courageous road forward? Should we take the cautious road forward?