Who should we serve?

I think a lot about wealth, poverty, and its impact on our community. I believe that I've mentioned before that I'm worried that a second ship may have sailed in this country leaving another sliver of our society in a perpetual state of poverty. It worries me that we can't have this conversation without flame throwing from both sides. I do believe that many in education are doing our work to make changes to this reality. Educators around the country know that even with all of the chips weighing down the possibility of success for kids in poverty, learning experiences and opportunities are still a possible escape route.

When thinking about the next phase of my career, I wonder about how I can best serve our global community. My answer continues to come back to working with schools and school districts that serve our children with the great needs, but there are moments when I ask if there is there a road to fulfillment that comes from reshaping the thinking and building the empathy of our wealthiest students? How do others struggle with these topics? I'm in need of clarity and advice.