What Students Should Expect from their Schools

Lots of conversations in schools have to do with maintaining high expectations for our students. While having a culture of high expectations is an essential one for building, maintaining, and growing an incredible school, there are so few conversations about what high expectations truly means.

How do we actually know the "just right" amount of expectations for our staff and students?  Is having the highest expectations among your neighboring schools enough? Is having the highest expectations in your state enough? Is having the highest expectations in your region of the country enough?

Another thought in this space is about what expectations our students and families should have of our work in schools on a daily basis. Do you think that your parents are asking you to give more in the right places for their kids? Do you think that kids know the right expectations for their teachers? Could students truly shape their schools to meet their needs? How uncomfortable would a school driven by student expectations be?

Watch the video below as you reflect on the questions above.