Installing Your Personal Updates

Every day we have a messages on our devices that we need to update something: an app, a piece of software or the operating system. We make one of three choices. We auto-install our updates. We manually install our updates, or we ignore our updates. This everyday event happens with little or no thought. There is little in the way of updates by design. Unfortunately, I would imagine that this is the same for our lives. As we grow as people, leaders, parents, friends, and more, there is little intentionality to installing our updates. I know that I'm operating at a much lower version of myself that I should be, and I'm operating at a much lower version of myself that those around me deserve.

In the peace and calm of Colorado (I'm extremely blessed to have a beautiful home in Silverthorne to reside this week), I am working on installing my updates as I want to become better today than I was yesterday.

My updates are revolving around the following questions.

  • How can God play a greater role in my life? 
  • How can I create more time for my children?
  • In what ways, can I make love a verb in my life?
  • How can I infuse more empathy into my leadership?
  • In what ways, can I become a stronger teammate?
  • What steps would I need to take to grow my level of fitness?
  • How can you do more to provide experiences and opportunities to all learners?
I'm ready to upload many of the answers to these questions, but I know that as soon as an update is installed, new bugs are found, and the next version needs to be in the works.

What are you doing about your personal updates?