Are You Sure that You Want to Teach?

Before you step into the classroom in the fall, please be sure that you really want to teach. I know that you need a paycheck to support your family, but we need tireless servants that are dedicated to serving all kids. I know that it is the only thing that you have even done, and you can't imagine doing anything else, but I'm not sure that is the deep passion that we need in each of our classrooms to make a difference. I know that you have got this teaching thing figured out and it is a lot easier than it was in year one, and I also know that as soon as we think that way, we aren't the best that we can be. I understand that you have already bought new bulletin board materials and supplies, but what have you done to be a true learner that is implementing next practices and making your classroom completely different for the fall. I know that everyone likes you at school, and it is your place for social acceptance, but the world of education isn't designed to make your social life better, but it is designed to weave a new social fabric for the next generation. I know that you have sacrificed better paying jobs for a quality teacher pension when you have completed your 30 years, but teaching is different, schools are different, and our kids are different. Is this what you signed up for? Are you sure that you want to teach? 

These thoughts were inspired by the infographic below that reminds us that there are many roads to teaching, but the road to excellent teaching over time is paved with some of the hardest work in the world. is a free resource for teachers and aspiring education professionals developed in partnership with the USC Rossier School of Education.