The Next Phase of Connectivity- Part Two

This post adds a bit to my previous thoughts about connectivity and the digital divide. 

A more deeply connected school is a greater place of learning for students and adults. In order to create a model district surrounding connectivity, it is essential that two elements are at the core of the connected experience. The two elements are a robust professional development structure and an infrastructure that support the courageous ideas of those in the classroom.

These two elements couple with the right devices have the greatest chance of making the disruptive changes necessary in our schools today. Disruptive innovation is necessary to move from schools that are getting better to schools that are different.

In the next wave of deeply connected schools there will be:
  • High school students with high quality creation devices that allow for robust input.
  • High school and middle school devices that allow for permeable learning spaces.
  • Middle school students that have access to explore personal learning and passion-based learning 24hr/day with their device of choice. 
  • Elementary school students that have access to multiple devices as an entry point to integrated connected learning. 
  • Middle/High School Students with access to an integrated dashboard that allows for friction to be removed from the system. 
  • Model classrooms at each grade level and subject area outfitted as innovation laboratories so as other spaces in the building can continue to grow and learn.