The Speed of Cultural Change

After three days at Leyden's Summer Symposium, I've been brought back to an idea that it is important to focus on as leaders of learning. Change can happen quickly. We see this around us all of the time. Music and media change the world everyday. They are able to shape public opinion through storytelling, common language, and passion for the topic. Schools often feel that change is a long process that can't be accelerated because of the massive amount of persuasion that has to take place among the adults in the system. This thinking is inhibiting innovation, and opportunities to be nimble enough to seize real-time opportunities. Schools must move fast on the road to being different. It can be done and is being done by courageous leaders throughout the country. It is a rarity that a school system can move this fast, but it's schools can and must if they are meeting their moral obligation to serve all students in a way that meets the needs of today's learner. Thanks to Leyden for reminding us all that change can happen quickly when courage, trust, and determination are all in the recipe.