Learning Too Much

Over the last 10 days, I've learned too much. My body, my head, my everything is tired. Tired of learning, connecting, and talking. Having the opportunity to attend Educon in Philadelphia and FETC in Florida have been great learning gifts, and I'm so thankful that my district sees this. I've learned and consumed so much in a very short time. Connection and conversation were almost 24 hours a day, and in this exact moment as I write, I can feel a total collapse coming on. So much good stuff that I can't handle any more. I wonder if our kids ever feel this way. Do they get to this point and feel this way? If so, we need to provide them a place to nap and a space to not have to talk to anyone. It is an overwhelming feeling. It is a reminder that we need moderation in learning as well as everything else in life. Providing space for decompression, relaxation, and reflection are essential features to cement learning. Because of so many friends and allies in education, life is good. Because of so many friends and allies in education, I'm out of energy.