Welcome to Educon

Where does the garden grow? I’ve planted a lot of vegetables in the education garden over the past three years. It has fed me during some dark moments of my career, and it has yielded me some of the best experiences of my career. It has been about people, place, and experiences, and I’m so grateful for being blessed to interact with some of the best in the business. With any garden though, the winter comes and winter passes. There are dormant moments before a fresh set of seeds is sown. During these periods, we have a choice. We have choice to enjoy the remaining harvest, plant new vegetables or prepare the garden for a fresh planting of the same. In most cases, we do a little bit of each of these things. This weekend for me is an opportunity to nurture my garden and prepare it for the next moments. It is about absorbing the sunlight of new ideas, tilling the soil that grows hardened from our echo chamber, and surrounding the garden with the best elements for a bountiful harvest. I’m so thankful for my professional learning network. It is layered group. From those in my district, to my friends and follow learners around Missouri, to the larger network around the country, this village is what it takes to support me. They energize me, question me, and lift me up, and it is this group that gives me hope that education will grow into greater greatness in the years to come. Educon in Philadelphia is an opportunity to break bread, share a brew, and stare into the soul of excellence in education. My cup is full. I’m blessed, and I can’t wait to share the bounty of my harvest.